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Sustainable solutions

Innovative and sustainable solutions for a smarter, better future for all.

Looking beyond the obvious to create and implement sustainable solutions that benefit our customers, their customers and society as a whole. Scalable sustainable solutions can make a positive impact across sectors and boundaries. We aim to deliver intelligent solutions with tangible sustainability impacts.


Intelligent wellbeing

Preventive healthcare can lower the costs of diabetes care thanks to AI.

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Digitalisation speeds up cancer diagnostics Region Västra Götaland became the first region in Sweden to set up a comprehensive and coordinated tool to support processes across its pathology units. Read more
Digital microinsurances enable access to healthcare Under Uplift Mutuals' model, low-income families in the unorganised sector in India can share their health risks and get access to mutual microinsurance for financing medical treatments and hospital visits. Read more
Milk trucks aid road repairs Together with the Finnish Transport Agency (FTA), the ELY Centre for North Savo and Valio, we have organised a pilot to test the use of a milk truck information system to survey roads. Read more
Sustainability in focus at our new head office Switching to green buildings and reducing energy consumption are an integral part of our global facility strategy.  Read more
Electronic invoicing decreases paper consumption and increases transparency Digitalisation of invoices and receipts also increases economic transparency and helps the battle against the grey economy. Read more 
Real time traffic planning increases safety Real-time analysis of traffic data not only improves the forecasting of traffic and lead times in repair and maintenance work – it also enables better services for city residents. Read more
AI boosts value-based health and social care

Aiming to proactively identify people who need services by combining information assets that had previously been separate in order to form customer and service pathways.

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