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Creating value for our stakeholders

In a data-driven world, every piece of information can provide sustainable value.

Our value creation model is based on a strategic aim of creating great everyday experiences in a data-rich world.

Our main role is to create digital advantage for businesses and society. This varies from advisory and the design of services to building and running systems and solutions. We look at the world from our customers’ perspective and aim to offer the best services and solutions from our wide-ranging portfolio. This enables our customers to focus on core business ideals and create value in their respective domains.

Through our fundamentals, we are able to increase customer value and accelerate innovation. We aim to use the opportunities which come froma world increasingly driven by data to create societal, economic and environmental value.

  • Through smart technology – digital and mobile services – we enable a better everyday life for millions of people.
  • Through optimizing business and IT, our customers can benefit from increased scalability and business continuity, while ensuring competitiveness and growth.
  • Through our innovative solutions, we help create smarter cities, promote effective care and increase the efficiency of digital government operations.
  • Through our robust financial governance and consistent profit improvement, we are committed to creating value for our shareholders as well as having a positive economic impact as an employer and taxpayer.

Want to learn more? Visit our investor relations page.

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