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Digitalizing the healthcare and welfare sector

Creating integrated and industry-leading solutions to improve care chains

The healthcare and welfare industry is changing – let’s face the challenges together

Smart technology has made it easier for the healthcare and welfare sector to focus on moving from the reactive treatment of symptoms towards proactive and targeted care. Digital solutions are key and can even help you identify at-risk populations and plan health and welfare schemes accordingly.

Empowering healthcare and welfare professionals in turn increases the quality of patient care. It also brings real and tangible benefits, including improved patient safety, more targeted deployment of resources and, less time spent on administrative tasks.

But the road to digitalized care is rarely straightforward and that is where TietoEVRY comes in. We are the leading supplier of integrated solutions for healthcare providers in the Nordics. To make the solutions work, our 1400 health and welfare specialists can guide you every step of the way. Let us advise, modify and manage your digitalization journey, so that you can get on with helping the people who really need you.

Anders Jönebratt

Head of Health & Care

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